Germany’s Puma collaborates with Scuderia Ferrari for new collection

German sports company Puma has introduced the Masters of Camouflage Collection, a unique and innovative collaboration between Puma and Scuderia Ferrari. This collection pays homage to the world of automotive design, drawing inspiration from the intriguing world of car prototypes.

With signature black and white camo patterns and exclusive detailing, this collection celebrates the fusion of fashion, technology, and car culture, Puma said in a media release.

The Masters of Camouflage collection stands out through the camouflage-inspired prints: it showcases prototype-inspired camo prints throughout its range of apparel, footwear, and accessories. It pays a tribute to car culture, embracing the spirit of innovation, speed, and cutting-edge design.

Puma and Scuderia Ferrari unveil the Masters of Camouflage Collection, blending fashion and automotive design.
The range, inspired by car prototypes, includes apparel, footwear and accessories with distinctive camo patterns.
Celebrating innovation, speed and cutting-edge design, the collection is a tribute to car culture and is available on Puma’s website.

With its striking camo patterns, Puma for Scuderia Ferrari co-branding, and meticulous attention to detail, the Masters of Camouflage collection is the ultimate fusion of fashion and automotive design.

The collection is available on Puma’s official website.

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