Global fashion brands are embracing AI for driving operations

Global fashion industry is undergoing significant technological advancements, especially by integrating AI into both the logistics and designing elements of fashion, according to Anu Mehra, founder and designer of sustainable and ethically sourced fashion brand Charisma.

Integrating technology in the operations of fashion companies has also boosted creativity in the design process, Mehra told Fibre2Fashion in an exclusive interview.

“I am particularly excited by the integration of AI into both the logistics and designing elements of fashion. Brands like the Bombay Shirt Company or the Pants Project have fully embraced AI and technology for driving their operations. In my case, I am releasing a new collection of digital print sarees. This medium has allowed me to be more creative with my designs than ever before, with new prompts and editing techniques giving me unprecedented control over my design process,” Mehra told F2F.

AI integration in logistics and design is revolutionising the fashion industry.
Brands like Bombay Shirt Company have embraced this, enhancing creativity and control in design.
Founder of India-based sustainable and ethically sourced fashion brand Charisma is utilising digital print for a new saree collection, achieving greater creative freedom.

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