Ralph Lauren, Tadashi Shoji & Hiromi Asai dazzle at NYFW 2023

The ongoing New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has featured an array of collections, invoking rustic charm, oceanic elegance, and a tribute to Japanese craftsmanship. Brands making their presence felt at the event include the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tadashi Shoji, and Hiromi Asai.

Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2024 collection took spectators on a voyage through time celebrating the romance and artistry of the brand’s enduring American style. Set against the rustic backdrop of a reimagined artist’s loft in Brooklyn Navy Yard, the collection paid homage to the freedom of personal style. It breathed life into a classic spring palette of blue and white, reimagined through eclectic combinations adorned with embroidered denims, metallic weavings, and vibrant accessories, including the debut of the RL 888 bag, the brand said in a press release.

The ongoing NYFW saw Ralph Lauren, Tadashi Shoji, and Hiromi Asai unveiling their Spring 2024 collections.
Ralph Lauren launched a rustic-inspired collection, while Tadashi Shoji showcased garments imbued with nautical glamour.
Hiromi Asai’s collection utilised Kimono textiles to craft sophisticated designs that represent various universal elements.

“My Spring 2024 women’s collection is about a new kind of romance—cool and sophisticated. It’s about the freedom of creating a personal style through the artistry of faded denims and painterly florals, the modern sophistication of iconic shapes in black and gold or the eclectic mix of bold colours, shine and luxurious handcrafted details. These are the stories of the woman I design for whose individuality and artistic spirit are a canvas for her own self-expression,” said Ralph Lauren, chief creative officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Tadashi Shoji conjured an oceanic reverie with a Spring 2024 collection that echoed the splendours of the sea. Showcased digitally on September 9, the collection was steeped in nautical glamour, with garments featuring fan-shaped ombred pleating resembling shells, sea-motif embroideries, and pearl embellishments. Shoji’s craftsmanship shone in details that delivered seamlessness and an illusion of fluidity.

“Spring 2024 is an escape to windswept beauty and sand beneath our feet. It’s a season that indulges us with oceanic splendour so tangible that it would be irresponsible to waste it. So come with us and spend an evening by the sea. Imagine what possibility awaits,” said Tadashi Shoji’s show notes.

Also gracing the event was New York-based brand Hiromi Asai, renowned for reimagining the Japanese Kimono for modern fashion. The designer unveiled the Spring/Summer 2024 men’s collection ‘Universe’ at the Flying Solo show, a collection evoking the rich tapestry of universal elements, including floral motifs, the moon’s surface, and animal-inspired pieces. Hiromi Asai continued to showcase the versatility of Kimono textiles, demonstrating luxury through unique textiles and sophisticated designs, with an adherence to traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The collection stands as a treasure trove of artisanship, promising another revelation in the upcoming Paris Fashion Week.

“Hiromi Asai SS24 collection is named Universe, which represents all in the universe including all creatures and spirits. I hope many people can feel and touch the vast universe through our collection. We are always respectful to Japanese tradition, but the essence of Kimono is in the fabrics rather than its form. We are evolving Japanese traditional textiles to luxury high fashion which people worldwide love and enjoy wearing,” said designer Hiromi Asai.

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