Yonex opens first overseas showroom in China

Yonex Sports (China), the Chinese subsidiary of Yonex, has opened its first showroom, the Yonex Shanghai Showroom, in China. The Yonex Shanghai Showroom aims to share Yonex’s commitment to ‘Craftsmanship and Innovation’. It will serve as a direct touch point to the customers where Yonex can share its brand values through product stories and services. The space will also act as an exchange hub that allows Yonex to connect with customers and understand their needs, providing valuable feedback for product development, and ultimately creating a better sports experience for everyone.

Yonex has been collaborating with retail partners across China to deliver sporting goods and the joy of sports to anyone that is eager to play sport. With China being the world’s largest market for badminton, and the Chinese sports market seeing a major boost in recent years due to growing health awareness, Yonex Sports saw strong benefits in providing directly-owned brand presence in a central metropolis that is Shanghai. This marks the first overseas showroom for the Japanese company, acting as a Yonex tentpole in Asia that will spread the brand, its values and its products, the company said in a press release.

Yonex Sports, the Chinese arm of Yonex, has inaugurated its first showroom, the Yonex Shanghai Showroom.
Positioned in Shanghai, the showroom serves as a direct engagement point for customers, showing Yonex’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.
This is Yonex’s inaugural overseas showroom, expanding its brand presence and values in Asia’s sports market.

The 550-square-metre store offers a broad product lineup in badminton, tennis, golf, and snowboarding, and customers can learn about Yonex’s history in craftsmanship and continued commitment to technology. The showroom will offer customised services such as racquet stringing by the Yonex Stringing team, shoe customisation, apparel customisations, and more. Immersive experience courts allow visitors to try badminton and tennis products in a digital space which combines virtual imagery with actual physical play. These immersive experiences are aimed at providing a chance to test products, but also experience badminton and tennis in a new light. The showroom will also act as an event space, hosting live commerce activities and events featuring world-class athletes.

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