German company Puma unveils Monza Limited Edition

Global Sports Company Puma for Scuderia Ferrari has presented the Monza Limited Edition. Drawing inspiration from the liveries of two legendary machines—the Ferrari F1-75 and the Ferrari 499P LeMans Hypercar—the Monza Limited Edition pays tribute to a remarkable racing heritage that has left an indelible mark on the world of sports for decades.

From the legendary tracks of LeMans to the prestigious circuits of Monza, Scuderia Ferrari has consistently showcased a legacy of speed, precision, and success. The Scuderia Ferrari Monza Limited Edition encapsulates this spirit, fusing the past and the present into a design that will ignite the passion of motorsport enthusiasts.

Puma for Scuderia Ferrari has introduced the Monza Limited Edition, paying homage to the racing heritage of Ferrari F1-75 and Ferrari 499P LeMans Hypercar.
This collection combines the iconic red and yellow colours.
The legendary F1-75 features Ferrari’s signature red, while the vibrant yellow represents the determination of the 499P LeMans Hypercar.

Reviving the timeless racing legacy of Scuderia Ferrari, this limited edition features the Replica driver’s caps and a Replica T-shirt consisting of the iconic colours red and yellow.

The legendary Ferrari F1-75 takes centre stage in this exclusive drop, as it showcases the iconic Ferrari red—a symbol of the Formula 1 team’s unwavering passion and speed, the company said in a press release.

The line also showcases a vibrant shade of yellow, reminiscent of the ferocity and determination displayed by the Ferrari 499P LeMans Hypercar during its triumphant run in these years. Emblazoned across this electrifying yellow is the iconic Ferrari wording, a symbol recognised worldwide for its excellence in motorsport.

Completing the Monza Special Edition, the sleek black finish exudes power and elegance. This black segment adds a touch of sophistication, perfectly complementing the vibrant colours above.

The Monza Limited Edition is a rare fusion of past and present, encapsulating the spirit of Scuderia Ferrari’s greatest moments on the track and the boundless innovation that defines the future.

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